Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parking Lot Tree

My recent Savanhah, GA minstry trip was a successful one. Many of those who attended were touched by the power and presence of the Lord. Some were healed, some returned to the Lord, and some repented and were restored of some specific personal issues. Those who attended did most of the 'hands on' ministry. The Friday evening meeting was one of the top ten meetings of my life. It was powerful. We are going back the first weekend in in November, 4-6, to the same place:St. Luke United Methodist Church, 9114 Whitefield Avenue, Savannah. Meetings begin at 7:30.

Now, about the tree. While I was there I saw this massive live oak tree, about 50+ feet tall, in the middle of a vast parking lot. It spoke to me something very important. Look at. Think about it. What does a live 100 year old oak tree in the middle of a parking lot, say to you?

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  1. Parking lot tree. The first thought that came to my mind was that we need to "park it" at the foot of the tree of life/live oak/the cross. Intimacy with Jesus Christ.