Friday, August 13, 2010


What is something worth? Determining an object's value is an important process and is determined by a number of factors; rarity, condition, potential for increase, place in history, authenticity, and the price one is willing to pay. For instance, this picture of Willie Mays shows him at the genesis of his remarkable career, wearing a Minneapolis Millers minor league uniform from the 1951 season. Mays was arguably the greatest baseball player of all time, therefore his minor league uniform became highly valued by collectors of baseball memorabilia. Not knowing its historic value a gentleman bought this uniform for $50.00. He later verified it to be May's actual uniform when he found a photograph of it showing the same tear on the jersey's right sleeve that his had. Being able to verify this uniform as being the actual one in the photograph made it worth much more than $50.00. It is currently valued at between $60,000.00 and $80,000.00. That is what collectors are willing to pay for it.

That thought leads us to this question: "What are we worth?". It can be answered solely by what God was willing to pay for us.

In the previous blog, "A PERSON'S VALUE Part 1", we saw that a slave owner found no value in a 65 year old man named Ben. Nothing could be further from the truth, that someone might have no value! Our planet could be the only inhabited one in the vast un-ending sea of space. Consider the possibility that those of us on planet earth are the only people in all the universe. If that is so then each one of us, even the most supposed insignificant one of us, is extraordinarily rare. But whether that is true or not here is one thing we know; our value has been forever established by what our Father was willing to pay for us: His only Son, His shed blood.

C.S. Lewis said, "He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less". Have you determined your value the same way the Lord did? It will change your life.

Honestly. What are you worth?

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  1. As usual, I really enjoyed your post, Robin. As I was reading this, I thought of something I heard Derek Prince say once: "After 50 years of Christian ministry, I have come to the conclusion that the greatest need any of us has is to understand how valuable we are to the Lord."