Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Back in the 1950's when I was a kid and my dad was much younger, he used to drive a car pool of guys to the factory where they worked. One day my dad showed up with a brand new thermos (like the one to the left), you know, that metal tube that keeps stuff hot or cold. He was the first one in his crowd to get one.
The old ones were pretty fragile because they were made of a silver coated glass bottle inside the metal outer shell. You screwed off the top and could use it for a cup.

As he made the rounds picking up his friends one of them asked him about his thermos: "What you got there Johnny?"

My dad said, "Its something new...they call it a thermos."

His friend said, "What does it do?"

Dad responded, "It makes your lunch time better 'cause it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold!"

His friend said, "Man, I'm gonna get me one of those by tomorrow."

On Friday Dad first showed his friend his thermos. By Monday morning both of them had 'em. Dads was green, his friends was red.

When dad saw his friend's thermos he said, "Hey Burt, great! You got a thermos too! What you got in yours?"

With great excitement he exclaimed, "A cup of coffee and two popsickles!"

Author's note:
(Sometimes you just need to laugh, even if the joke's not funny...)

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