Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was up in the early hours one Sunday a.m. praying, thinking, wondering about what to speak later that morning at a local Presbyterian Church when the Lord whispered to me (in only the way He can) that it was time for a 'New Bush Administration'. At first I wasn't sure about the meaning of what I had heard from the Lord. I wondered if He was talking about our current political situation, then it dawned on me that He was not talking about George Herbert or George W Bush, our two former presidents, or of their style or persuasion of government. He was speaking of the encounter Moses had with God at the burning bush, and the administration of power and glory that was released to the people of God from that encounter.

Yes. It is time for a new 'Bush Administration', a time when the foolishness of God puts to shame the so called wise of our age and their wisdom! A time when the weak things of the world put to shame the things which are mighty (see I Corinthians 1:26-31). A time when we enjoy the 'favor of Him who dwelt in the bush', as Moses prayed for the heritage of Joseph in Deuteronomy 33:16.

Consider the conversation Moses had with the elders of Israel as he attempted to convince them that he was the man to deliver them from their bondage. Perhaps they asked him, "How was it that God spoke to you? What is this God's name?"

Moses may have responded; " see...I was following my sheep on the backside of the desert...and there was this was on fire and...and it didn't go out...and then the bush spoke to me...".

"The bush spoke to you?!?" they responded.

"Uh, yes...and then He told me that His name ..."I Am That I Am!"...

Well, you get the picture. God's foolishness is much wiser than man's wisdom. The encounter Moses had at that burning bush enabled him to dislodge from cruel bondage, two million Hebrew slaves. By knowing God in that unique way Moses withstood the anger and authority of the most powerful government of his day. We need just such a divine administration now, for whenever the church leaves the supernatural power of God it loses it's influence and authority to effect change in our culture.

Just this week I was visiting a brand new 21st century multi-million dollar seeker friendly multi-media facility type church that the Lord is using to touch many in my city. I am truly grateful for the blessing and effectiveness of that ministry. While I was there I met one of the staff members who said to me, "Just imagine how much more effective the apostles could have been in the book of Acts if they had access to all of this technology!" Later I thought, "Just imagine how much more effective we would be if we walked in the same level of raw power, authority, and anointing that they had!". They turned the world upside down. Ours is still right side up.

It is time for a new "Bush Administration!".

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  1. It seems that there are so many terrified Christians in the USA at the moment.
    Obama is not the end of the world guys, please don't miss the lesson. The freedom of Christians all around the world will hinge on how you guys deal with the issues facing your nation.
    And please remember, America and the kingdom of God are two different things, there are Christians outside of the USA with a perspective that could help you if you choose it.