Monday, August 17, 2009

The Slumbering Giant

Our Nation is not a post-Christian nation as some have reported. It is a pre-Christian one. We are presently in the very early stages of another Great American Spiritual Awakening that will once again re-shape the nation.

A George Barna poll concerning aspects of the current American church determined that 45% of Americans are "born again Christians based upon their beliefs (not based on their adoption of that phrase to describe themselves)." That means there are 136,000,000 American believers! He also established that as little as 13% of those people claim to have what he described as the Charismatic gifts which he identified as healing, tongues, tongues and interpretation, word of knowledge, miracles, and prophecy.

God has given us the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a significant part of the weapons of our spiritual warfare, nevertheless 87% of the American Church is ignorant of their value and/or how to use them. We are like a giant army, sleeping in battle, with a very small percentage of us fully armed.

The American Church is a slumbering giant. As she awakens to the life and power of God available to her, the nations shall be shaken as it never has before. It is time to wake her up! Why...I hear the sound of an holy alarm clock now! Do you?


  1. This is so very true the American church has been asleep but now is awakening and look out world when she is fully awake!