Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Warren Spahn, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves, was once asked by a sportswriter if he ever felt more pressure than when he pitched in the World Series. Spahn said 'well there was the Battle of the Bulge'. That was the largest and bloodiest battle America fought in World War II. It was a major German counter attack against the Allied forces in Europe. 800,000+ men participated and over 19,000 Americans died. Warren was there.

He was the winningest pitcher in his era of baseball, but pitching in the the World Series, the goal of every hurler who ever threw the ball, was just another game when compared to the horrors of war that Warren Spahn knew. I like his answer. It keeps things in perspective. We need to remember to do the same.

What are you going through today? So much of what we worry about is of little eternal consequence. It might just be time to lighten up.


  1. great post. I needed to hear that today. now all that I have to do is to try to lighten up.

  2. There was so much deliverance on me with this. The first one then the second one too. I was literally having one of the worst days of the year and was feeling very anxious. When reading the previous two blogs, I could feel the presence of the Lord hit me at work and immediately the burden began to lift off and I started to be excited about the love of the Lord for me and the fear and anxiety was replaced by supernatural joy from the Lord and for Him. Thanks for the encouragement and be blessed!