Wednesday, September 2, 2009


No matter where you are, radio and television signals are moving through the air. If you have a way to tune them in, you can pick up channels or stations that provide unlimited subjects; anything from news to entertainment to music to education ...on and on, ad infinitum . Your television your radio, or even your satellite dish, do not create the waves. They are there. Your tuner simply lays hold of what is available.

The realm of the kingdom of heaven is much like what I describe. We don't produce the power from on high. We don't bring it, or create it, or even deserve to benefit from that realm. God, in His mercy and goodness, has provided more for us then we will ever need. To receive from Him, we simply tune in.

Paul's revelation has yet to fully take root in the hearts of our generation: "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" (Ephesians 2:10). This means that we were created, actually the text reveals 'recreated' to do good works, good works which God has already prepared for us! Upon closer scrutiny those good works are not just things we do for one another that are nice, but are like the miraculous works Jesus did when He was living among men.

How amazing is that. Right now, no matter where you are, moving through the air in the realm of the Spirit of God, are wonders, miracles, healings, and untold marvelous things. Each believer has the capacity to tune in. Start tuning in. You will be amazed at what God has for you and those you care about.


  1. While I was meditating on this today, the Lord brought a picture to my mind of "My Favorite Martian" - how those little antenna went up from the back of Ray Walston's head - Lord help my antenna to always be up and receiving!

  2. During my fast few weeks ago, God revealed me that it is also like FiberNet... (it is fast internet here in Slovakia) - we can have pictures, comunicated with Him, see Him, chat with Him and all these things... haha today God revealed me that He is able to real touch thru this cable...

    it is amazing, everything here on earth is inspired from Him...

    i like this blog...
    it is like news from heaven

    God bless you brother ;)

  3. I was at Morning Star in Winston Salem this morning and was blessed and challenged by your message. Thank you for bringing truth. What God has said "Yes!" to is still yes! Praise God, He has already done all that we need. Father, help us wake up, receive and believe!