Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Crab Mentaility

When you boil a pot of crabs they all try to get out of the boiling pot. Who can blame them. What actually happens is that each one tries to pull the one closest to escaping back into the pot. There has to be a more successful way to conduct a jail break.

People sometimes act like those crabs. If they aren't excelling they criticize the ones who are! Having this attitude greatly inhibits our ability to succeed. Their is a solution. When we are truly thankful for the blessings and successes others have, then we often begin to experience their level of favor. For this reason our enemy wants us to be critical, narrow, even jealous of those who succeed. He knows it will inhibit our progress, and our ability to help others.

Cultures that honor one another develop a corporate 'excelleration' rate. Everyone begins to excell at an ever increasing acceleration rate. I have seen this in action...even experienced it myself. Rejoice with him who rejoices and you will enter into the reality of their joy. Try it. You'll like it. Its much better than being boiled alive!


  1. that was really good. thanks for the encouraging and challenging words today!