Friday, September 25, 2009

Power of People

The prophet Ezekiel tells of a city where God lives named "The Lord Is There". It has twelve gates, each one named after one of the twelve sons of Israel, each who became a tribal leader. So basically the gates are named after people who lead other groups of people.

Recently I wondered why the gates of the city were named after people? Its because people let God in, or let God out, keep God in, or keep God out! You may find that hard to believe but even Jesus is shown knocking on the door of his own church in Revelation 3:20. God rarely forces Himself in, even into His own church!

Just as each of Jacob's sons had opportunities to relate to God in a unique way, so do you. Just as each of his sons had influence with other people, so do you. You can learn how to both receive and release the power of God wherever you go. The most vital portal heaven has into the earth is the human heart, your human heart. You are the 'gate of the Lord'. Think of this: You may be head of the next tribe so empowered by the Lord that you change the world.

How will you change your world? How do you actually let God out? What happens when you do?

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