Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In one episode in the life of Jesus a synagogue ruler named Jairus convinced Jesus to come heal his only daughter dangerously close to death. I am sure it was rare that Jesus made house calls then, although He does it a lot now. The popularity of His ministry, the pressure of many pulling on Him certainly limited the possibilities of Jairus getting Him to come. But Jesus agreed to go.

While the young girl lay dangerously close to death a woman with a serious 12 year long issue of blood interrupted Jesus on the way. Can you imagine the pressure Jairus must have felt to get Jesus their in time to save her? The woman got healed...and Jairus' daughter died.

When Jesus got to her house He met those who were mourning her death. They told Jairus not to bother Jesus any further, but Jesus said a strange thing. He pronounced, 'She is not dead, but sleeping'. The professional wailers began laughing and Jesus put them all out of the room. Of note is that Jairus' name means 'he will awaken', but from this sleep he was completely ineffective. Jesus wasn't. He can even wake the dead, just like he did Lazarus.

Our generation is asleep, maybe even dead, but Jesus can awaken them all! We just need to get ahold of Him in the right way and once again He will 'visit our house'.


  1. Oh amen buddy. We just got to get ahold of His heart and He will lay hold of ours...not necessarily in that order....but thing for certain is it all comes down to the heart....

  2. May God visit our "house" and stir us from our slumber, clear the room Lord of the "professional wailers" and awaken us!